60LEDs, 8mm, 3528, IP67 - 5 Meter Reel

Quick Code: LS60-352867

Product Name: 12V flexible smd 3528 led strip lights
Model: 3528-G60
LED Chip: SMD 3528
Color: red, green, blue, white, warm white, yellow
LED Qty: 60LEDs/m
PCB Color: Yellow/White/Black
Size: 5000x8mm
Voltage: DC12V/24V
Current: 0.4A/m (DC12V), 0.2A/m (DC24V)
Certificate: CE & RoHS
IP67 waterproof

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12V flexible smd 3528 led strip lights 


Model Name  Color  Length
LED QTY  LED type  WL(nm)
/ CT(K) 
View angle (Degree)  Voltage
(V DC) 


 5m 300  SMD 3528  625 / 2.5   /  120 12V   2A  24W
 3528-G60 Green   5m 300  SMD 3528  525 / 2.5  120  12V  2A   24W
 3528-B60 Blue   5m  300 SMD 3528   470 / 2.5 120   12V 2A  24W 
 3528-Y60 Yellow   5m 300  SMD 3528   590 / 2.5     / 120  12V  2A  24W 
 3528-W60 White   5m 300  SMD 3528  5500-6500 



120  12V  2A   24W
 3528-WW60 Warm White   5m  300  SMD 3528 2700-3500 



120  12V  2A  24W 

 Above products are silicon tube waterproof (IP67) strips

Color: red, green, blue, white, warm white, yellow
Continuous length flexible led strips 5m/reel, cuttable every 3 LEDs
Runs on 12V systems
Super bright top LED
Solid state, high shock or vibration-resistant
Major reduction in power costs
120 degrees beam angle illumination
No RF interference
Maintenance free, easy installation
Long lifespan: 30,000 to 50,000 hours
Low power consumption and high intensity
Less 1% attenuation after 3,000 hours
CE & ROHS approved

Application of green led strip

Decorative lighting for holiday, event, show, exhibition
Architectural lighting for canopy, corridor, window, archway
Emergency  lighting
Auditorium walkway lighting
Stairway lighting
Backlighting for signage
Channel letter lighting
DIY lights for home use

1. Pulling power lines and collision is prohibited to avoid damaging LED light.
2. Each 5-meters-long lamp must be connected to the main power supply.
3. All powers should be connected each other.
4. Please don't fold or twist below 60mm diameters to avoid fracture or lamp beads damage.
5. Be careful when power is on.
6. 20% power should be remained for lighting.
7. It is suggested to be installed under appropriate condition.
8. Positive and negative should be output in right way.

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